Cisco ASR Series: Cisco ASR 1013

The Cisco ASR 1013 Router supports full-width card modules. It is designed with a single midplane with connectors on one interface midplane. The Cisco ASR 1013 Router supports:

  • Up to 6 ASR1000-SIP40G shared port adapter modules
  • Up to 24 shared port adapters (SPAs) and up to six SIPs
  • Two embedded services processors (Cisco ASR1000-ESP40, Cisco ASR1000-ESP100, or Cisco ASR1000-ESP200)
  • Cisco ASR1000-RP2 route processor
  • Quad power supplies (redundant pairs) by default; option of either AC or DC power supplies and two power supply zones. There are two power supplies for power zone 0 and two power supplies for power zone 1 (do not mix AC and DC power supplies).

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