Nokia 7750 Series: Nokia 7750 SR-1se

The Nokia 7750 SR-1se is a high-performance service router designed for carrier-grade networks. It features advanced routing capabilities, service-aware architecture, carrier-grade reliability, and robust security features. The router is highly scalable, with support for up to 576 10G ports or 192 100G ports in a single chassis. It also includes a range of management and monitoring tools to simplify network operations.

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Nokia 7750 Series-SR Series_TELECOMCAULIFFE

Key Features:

  1. High-performance forwarding: The 7750 SR-1se can deliver up to 2.4 Tbps of forwarding capacity, making it suitable for high-bandwidth applications.
  2. Scalability: The router is designed to support up to 576 10G ports or 192 100G ports in a single chassis, allowing network operators to scale their networks as demand grows.
  3. Advanced routing: The router supports a wide range of routing protocols, including BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, and RSVP-TE, making it suitable for use in large, complex networks.
  4. Service-aware architecture: The 7750 SR-1se is designed to support a variety of services, including virtual private networks (VPNs), quality of service (QoS), and multicast services.
  5. Carrier-grade reliability: The router is built to meet the demanding requirements of carrier-grade networks, with redundant hardware components, hot-swappable modules, and support for hitless software upgrades.
  6. Security: The router includes a range of security features, including IPsec and SSL VPN support, firewalls, and support for access control lists (ACLs).
  7. Management and monitoring: The router includes a range of tools for network management and monitoring, including a web-based user interface, command-line interface (CLI), and SNMP-based management tools.
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