PICS Deinstallation Service ensures a safe and careful removal of equipment from live telecom environments. Work is done by experienced telecom engineers who know how to remove equipment cautiously and responsibly from a live data center or switch site without any disruption to your customers. With nearly 30 years of experience, our teams are meticulously trained to work in highly technical settings. Our comprehensive procedures enable us to perform efficient, effective deinstallations, while maintaining network integrity and the value of the equipment. Surplus equipment can be reused, resold, or recycled generating proceeds that can often offset the cost of the deinstallation.


Site Survey
+ Risk Assessment
Project Specific Statement
of Work
Flexible Scheduling Performed During Your Maintenance Window
Crews Experienced Working in Live Environments
Cable Mining
+ Recovery
Full Disposal of Equipment Unable to be Reused
or Recycled
Logistics Services for Reuse + Resale Equipment
Rebuild Infrastructure to New-Equipment Ready Status
Generator + Battery Removal or Disposal


  • We always provide a method statement of how we will carry out the work and risk assessments are provided for all projects we are commissioned to carry out making sure that the utmost care is taken to minimize any risk or loss of service.
  • Our specialist lifting machinery allows us to remove racks of up to 900kg which means you save additional time and the expense of breaking racking down to components for transport.
  • Cabling can be recovered back to ensure that cable trays and fiber containment are kept as clear as possible for new installations often allowing our customers to avoid the additional expense of having to provide new cable and fiber routes in the future.
  • Our full circle approach allows for surplus equipment to be reused resold or recycled generating proceeds that can often offset the cost of the deinstallation.


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1 Consult

PICS consults with client to understand business needs + deliver personalized solutions

2 Identify

Deinstallations identified

3 Survey

PICS performs site survey

4 Proposal

Project proposal is reviewed with client

5 Approval

Client approval of project proposal

6 Manage

PICS project manager is assigned


MOP (Method of Procedure) for project is created

8 Visibility

Project is created in PAMS for visibility to project documents + status

9 Deinstall

Deinstallation is scheduled + performed

10 Reuse

Equipment identified for reuse is refreshed, tested, kitted, packaged, and shipped to client site

11 Resale

Equipment identified for resale is sold, generating proceeds

12 Recycle

Equipment identified for recycling is recycled in our R2 certified facility or network of local recyclers, generating proceeds

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