Telecom Network Services

Telecom Network Services

PICS Exclusive Network Lifecycle Optimization Model Offers Sustainable Solutions and Provides Efficient, Integrated, and Streamlined Services Worldwide.

Our comprehensive network lifecycle optimization model is streamlined and engineered to deliver efficient, collaborative, green & personalized solutions. Our exclusive model offers a full suite of circular telecom services to support our partners with their goals to reduce CAPEX & amplify OPEX spend, while providing a green alternative to developing the circular economy.

Asset Relocation Service

Investment Recovery (IR) Service

Field Returns Service

PSTN/Central Office Switch Site Deinstallation Services

Forward Logistics Service

Recycling Service

Managed Repair Service

Telecom network asset management and investment recovery solutions made simple.

Telecom Circular Service Suite - Sustainable Network Solutions
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End to End Network Asset Management

PICS Investment Recovery model. Designed to ensure our partners receive maximum return on their surplus network assets. Our model has been refined over 30 years of working with the world’s leading network providers and not only uses software & algorithms to value your telecom assets but also adds a human touch with our industry-leading experts adding their considerable global market knowledge to any valuation. Through this 2 tier approach PICS Telecom provides a transparent valuation and gives, open real-time consultation on your surplus assets. Learn More.

Whether it’s installing or de-installing telecom equipment globally or regionally within your network, by using our highly qualified and experienced engineers, you can be assured that your equipment is handled responsibly, with no network disruption. From Central Office/PSTN de-commissioning right through to recovering a rack and some equipment from an island in the Baltic. PICS comprehensive telecom network service model has you covered.


Learn More: Technical Deinstallation & Decommissioning Services

PICS telecom can refurbish, reuse, and test most major CPE routing units with skillsets in all Cisco series. Our process ensures we can efficiently configure and ship grade A, premium products that are ready to be deployed. By doing this we provide a cost-effective and green alternative.

PICS telecom will collect your equipment, return it to our warehouse, inventory it and store it safely. Need your equipment returned to the field? No problem. If your equipment is held by PICS and you need it returned to the network or another of your facilities, PICS will arrange it for you. Saving you time and hassle. Your equipment is inventoried with us, and so we know where it is at all times. Easy and transparent. Learn More.

Our world-class OEM-approved test lab enables PICS to ensure the quality and integrity of all equipment that leaves our building. We have built over 100 cutting-edge testbeds across multiple IP, Optical & Wireless platforms.

 Supported platforms include:

  • Cisco ASR-9000
  • Juniper MX Series
  • Alcatel 1830
  • Ciena 6500
  • Infinera DTN-X
  • Huawei OSN
  • Nokia Flexi
  • Ericsson RBS

We are also 5G Ready. We can support & test both:

  • Nokia Airscale
  • Ericsson Air

Our qualified lab team can support our partners with:

  • Full hardware and diagnostic testing.
  • IP, transmission and RAN testing.
  • Bespoke Testing and Automation Software.
  • Build/configuration to request including staging and software configuration.

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A key part of PICS Telecoms’ sustainability offering is our managed repair service. Rather than throwing away faulty units and buying costly replacements PICS can offer a solution to extend the life of our customer’s network equipment.

Using our team of technical experts PICS Telecom can offer a fully managed repair process on several manufacturers and platforms including Cisco, Juniper, Ericsson, Infinera, Ciena, Tellabs, and many more. PICS’ managed repair program is designed to ensure that repair loop times are reduced and our customer’s network risks are minimized.

Our process is very simple:

  • A ticket is raised.
  • PICS arrange the collection of the faulty unit using one of our 3PL partners.
  • We repair the faulty unit.
  • We ship it back.

Unlike many repair loops, we do not overcomplicate our process to ensure that our customers can focus on running their network rather than dealing with issues with repairs.

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More than simple warehousing. We like to think of it as a safe, secure, and efficient facility to house your telecom network equipment. PICS facilitates and services a truly global industry. Your network equipment is inventoried, uploaded to our Asset Management System (PAMS); providing access to your equipment whilst allowing fully transparent control and visibility – True network asset management. Learn More about our Zero to Landfill Service.

PICS Telecom is always looking to innovate; we can assist you with any Network Audit. Using smart software, we effectively locate, “misplaced” telecom network equipment. Provide a complete rundown of your network equipment’s location, stock levels, and status. Saving you both money and time.

Let’s work effectively together to optimize your network. We are an extension of your team. Regardless of the scope, PICS comprehensive telecom service model alongside our team of skilled specialists are ready and able to assist. Our global coverage allows you to free up your team and focus on more strategic operations. Why not combine this service with Investment Recovery to generate cash for future projects.

Around 12 million tons of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) are generated each year in the EU alone. PICS offers a comprehensive recycling service ensuring that our customers’ carbon footprints are reduced.  We are proud to provide a cost-effective and green alternative to support your telecoms network.



Exclusive PICS Network Lifecycle Optimization Model

Thoughtfully Designed + Strategically Engineered

Offset Project Costs: Generate Proceeds + Minimize Expenses


Sustainability Reports

Financial Reports

Asset Identification Reporting


Access Project Management

Inventory + Proceeds Reports Direct to Your Inbox

Redeploy Equipment for Reuse in Your Network

Real-time Visibility + 24/7 Access


Experienced Project Management + Client Services Support

Deinstallation, Removal, Field Returns, Harvesting, Asset Identification + Logistics

Minimize Management Time + Maximize Return On Investment

Reduces Risk to Network Investments