Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing options are available thru our funding partner American Capital to help meet your budget needs.
Apply in less than 2 minutes!

An equipment lease has many advantages in helping you expand your business:

  • Protect your company’s debt ratios compared to a bank loan or cash outlay
  • Leases offer a fixed payment over the term which can act as a hedge against inflation
  • Leases offer a low upfront cost, typical deposit on an equipment lease is 1 payment in advance on the term
  • Leases protect against equipment obsolescence; customers have flexibility in replacing/upgrading once the term is concluded
  • Affordable lease options on equipment packages from $10,000 on up


As an example, on a $250,000 acquisition you would be looking at estimated lease payments of $7900 a month on a 36-month lease and $5100 on a 60-month lease.

Simply apply thru our e-application process or contact me further discuss your equipment requirements.