Investment Recovery (IR) Service

Our Investment Recovery (IR) Service expertly transforms your surplus telecom equipment into valuable assets, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability in the telecom services sector.

Features of Our Investment Recovery (IR) Service

  • Expert Evaluation and Re-marketing: Specializing in the assessment and re-marketing of surplus telecom equipment.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Strict adherence to standards, underlining our commitment to environmentally responsible operations.
  • Comprehensive Data Security: Ensuring the security of all data associated with your assets.
  • Ethical Recycling: Strict focus on sustainability to lessen the impact of traditional e-waste disposal.
  • OEM Expertise: In-depth knowledge in handling equipment from leading brands like Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, Ciena, Infinera and others.
  • Global Network and Multilingual Team: Facilitating effective management and communication across various markets worldwide.
  • Tailored Recovery Strategies: Customized solutions designed to meet your unique business needs.

Benefits of Our Investment Recovery (IR) Service

  • Financial Return on Assets: Unlocking the hidden financial potential in unused assets for a better return on investment.
  • CSR Alignment: Our eco-friendly practices support your company’s sustainability goals.
  • Assured Data Protection: Guaranteeing the highest level of data security throughout the recovery process.
  • Promotion of Circular Economy: Contributing to a sustainable future through ethical recycling.
  • Optimized Management of OEM Equipment: Ensuring the best possible handling and valuation of your specific equipment.
  • Expanded Market Reach: Our global presence provides a wider market for your surplus equipment.
  • Efficiency and Value Optimization: Our bespoke solutions ensure efficiency and maximize the recovery of value from your assets.

Our Dedication to Quality and Environmental Responsibility

PICS Telecom is a leader in quality, environmental stewardship, and data security. We are committed to bringing technology full circle through innovative, sustainable telecom solutions and a steadfast commitment to eco-friendly services.

Discover more about our Investment Recovery Service and its benefits for your business at and partner with TELECOMCAULIFFE for a sustainable, profitable future in the telecom industry!