We have one of the most comprehensive testing programs in the industry, equipment is tested to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

Maintaining Network Operators’ network integrity is our number-one concern. However, if you should ever experience an equipment failure with our order, we will provide a replacement-no waiting for your return, and no waiting for your repair. Or, we will attempt to engineer an alternative solution to meet your needs. If your equipment is no longer available-we will be happy to credit your account or provide a refund.

If you wish to return any Equipment, you must first contact us for prior authorization and additional instructions. Please complete and submit an RMA form on the PICS Website.



PICS Telecom will, prior to shipping used electronics equipment and components that contain FMs, either domestically or internationally, assure and identify each shipment as either: (1) Tested for Full Functions, R2/Ready for Reuse; (2) Tested for Key Functions, R2/Ready for Resale; and/or (3) Evaluated and Non-Functioning, R2/Ready for Repair.

New Accounts

All new accounts are subject to approval.  Receipt of a purchase order prior to such approval does not guarantee acceptance or fulfillment of order.  In order to apply for and establish a credit account, Buyer is required to submit a completed credit application.  Company financials, if available, may be requested or provided in lieu of a credit application at the discretion of PICS Telecom International’s Finance Department.  All applicable sales tax exemption certificates should be provided at time of application or order placement.  To avoid delay of processing Buyer’s initial order, Buyer may use alternate forms of payment depending on their region.

Prices and Quotations

All prices will be quoted on a per occurrence basis and are subject to change without notice. All quotes are subject to termination by PICS Telecom International at any time prior to receipt and acceptance of Buyer’s purchase order.

Payment Terms

Subject to credit approval, payment is due on all invoices in accordance with net terms agreed from date of invoice. If a Buyer fails to pay any invoice when payment is due, Seller may immediately suspend further deliveries to Buyer until all amounts owed by Buyer have been paid in full.

Freight Terms

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all shipments from Seller’s warehouse locations to points will be shipped via surface freight. Freight charges for such shipments may be prepaid by Seller and added to the charges listed on the invoice, and Buyer agrees to reimburse Seller for such freight charges as they appear on the invoice. Seller will elect point of origin, method, and routing unless otherwise agreed in writing. All shipments are FOB point of origin. Title to goods and risk of loss or damage is transferred to Buyer upon delivery of the ordered items by the Seller to a common carrier.


Shipping dates provided by Seller, verbal or written, are approximate and are based on current inventory and estimations of time periods required to obtain ordered goods. In no event, shall Seller assume liability, consequential or otherwise, as a result of Seller’s failure to deliver goods in accordance with indicated delivery schedules. Acceptance of any item shipped by Seller pursuant to Buyer’s purchase order shall constitute a waiver of all claims based on delay in deliveries. Buyer shall be responsible for inspecting its shipment upon delivery. Buyer is responsible for signing all acceptance documents with the carrier as short or visible damage. Any shortages or evidence of damage to merchandise must be reported in writing to Seller within 5 days of the receipt of goods. Failing short notice, the goods shall be deemed accepted with knowledge of and Buyer shall be deemed to have waived all claims based on all shortages or defects ascertainable at the time of delivery. Unless otherwise specified in the purchase order all shipment will be made as soon as Seller deems reasonably practicable after receipt and acceptance of Buyer’s purchase order and agreed payment terms are met.


All sales, use and other taxes applicable to products purchased from PICS Telecom International are Buyer’s sole responsibility. For shipments within the US, no taxes shall be billed if Buyer submits a tax exemption certificate acceptable to the respective taxing authorities. For shipments within EMEA, VAT will be applied if applicable.




The applicable warranty period will be specified on the invoice or price quotation. If no warranty period is specified in the applicable invoice or price quotation, the products are sold “as is” with all defects included. This warranty does not cover batteries.

During the warranty period, PICS Telecom will replace defective equipment, engineer an alternative solution to meet your needs, or if it is unable to locate a suitable replacement, PICS Telecom will repair the equipment. If it is unable to do either, PICS Telecom will refund the purchase price with a credit to your account.

Buyer must follow the return procedures described on the return form.

Buyer must obtain a valid return authorization number from PICS Telecom for all returns prior to returning Equipment. After the RMA number is issued, we will ship a replacement item(s) to you. Simultaneously, we request that you carefully package the equipment and return it to us in a timely manner. If we do not receive this equipment within thirty (30) days, you will be invoiced for the replacement items. Customer shall cover the costs of shipping the defective equipment back.

If equipment is found to perform to manufacturer’s specifications when returned, PICS will inform the customer of results of findings and charge appropriate handling or restocking fees.

PICS Telecom International expressly disclaims any and all warranties, including any of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose or non-infringement. PICS Telecom International’s warranty, if any, and buyer’s sole remedy shall be limited to repair or replacement of products that are defective in material or workmanship; provided, however, that with respect to reconditioned products, reasonable wear and tear due to prior use of the products shall not be considered a defect so long as such products performed to manufacturer’s specification on the date such products were originally built. With respect to products that have not been previously used, PICS Telecom International will make reasonable efforts to attempt to extend to buyer any warranty extended by the respective product manufacturer(s). However, PICS Telecom International cannot guarantee that the respective product manufacturer(s) will provide a warranty to buyer. In any event, PICS Telecom International’s sole responsibility, obligation, and liability with respect to the products shall be limited to the cost of repair or replacement of the products, or if such repair or replacement is not commercially reasonable, then limited to the sums paid by buyer to PICS Telecom International for such products.

This warranty does not apply to any failure of the Equipment as a result of misuse, abuse, accident, neglect or mishandling, lack of proper maintenance, environmental factors, improper installation or configuration, flood, fire or other natural disasters, physical damage, electrical issues such as lightning, power surges or incorrect electrical voltages, or improper modifications. PICS Telecom International shall not be liable for, and buyer expressly disclaims any claims with respect to, any loss of profit, injury to person or property, injury to goodwill, any special damages, expenses, or other consequential losses or damages of any kind or nature, whether direct or indirect.

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