Infinera DTN-X Series: XT-500

The XT-500 delivers a 500 gigabit per second (500G) super-channel output with 10 GbE or 100 GbE clients in 2RU of rack space, with low power consumption.

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DTN-X XT Series

The DTN-X XT Series delivers multi-terabit super-channel bandwidth in a compact form factor and is optimized for delivery of cloud scale network services over long-haul and regional networks spanning thousands of kilometers (km). The DTN-X XT Series combines muxponder technology with sliceable photonics to deliver hyperscalability up to 2.4T along with fine-grained granularity for optical mesh networks. The server-like XT Series platforms are the industry’s first meshponder platforms, and were developed based on Infinera’s experience in the web scale market. The DTN-X Series platforms seamlessly interoperate with the chassis-based DTN-X XTC switching platforms. The XT Series includes the following platforms: XT-3300, XT-3600, & XT-500.

Features & Benefits

Industry-Leading Capacity

The XT-500 delivers up to 25.6 terabits per second (Tbps) of capacity per fiber pair, making it one of the highest-capacity optical transport platforms in the industry.

Advanced Modulation Formats

The XT-500 supports advanced modulation formats such as 64QAM and 16QAM, which enable higher spectral efficiency and longer reach.


The XT-500 supports a wide range of interface types, including 10G, 40G, 100G, 200G, and 400G Ethernet, as well as OTU2, OTU4, and FlexO.

Integrated Photonics

The XT-500 features Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine, which combines high-speed electronics and advanced photonics into a single chip, enabling higher capacity and lower power consumption.

Secure Connectivity

The XT-500 supports secure encryption and authentication features to protect data transmission over the network.

Network Automation

The XT-500 can be integrated with Infinera’s Xceed Software Suite, which provides network automation and optimization capabilities, enabling service providers to simplify network operations and reduce costs.

High Reliability

The XT-500 is designed for carrier-grade reliability, with redundant power supplies, fans, and control modules, as well as automated protection and restoration capabilities to ensure network uptime.

The XT Series of compact, open, and disaggregated platforms, powered by Infinera’s fourth-generation Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE4), delivers up to 2.4T of line-side capacity for metro, regional, long-haul, and data center interconnect networks in compact 1RU and 4RU form factors, with ultra-long-haul and submarine reach.

The DTN-X XT Series, powered by Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine, offers the industry’s only 2.4 terabit per second (2.4T) commercial super-channel system based on large-scale photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology. Super-channels enable the deployment and activation of up to 2.4T with only one fiber pair and a single operational motion, dramatically simplifying operations and enabling a pool of service-ready bandwidth that can be software-activated on demand via Instant Bandwidth.

Infinera DTN-X XTC and XT Series Network
Infinera DTN-X XTC and XT Series Network

The DTN-X XT Series delivers multi-terabit superchannel bandwidth in a compact form factor and at the same time enables that super-channel to be sliced, so each wavelength can be tuned across the C-band, modulated and then routed to the appropriate destination. The XT Series is optimized for delivery of cloud scale network services and can be applied in metro, regional and long-haul networks spanning from hundreds to thousands of Kilometers (km), leveraging 16 quadrature amplitude modulation (16QAM), 8QAM and quadrature phase-shift keying (QPSK) modulations. The DTN-X XT Series features the industry’s first meshponders, combining muxponder technology with sliceable photonics in a server-like wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) appliance to deliver hyperscalability up to 2.4T along with fine-grained granularity for optical mesh networks. The server-like XT Series meshponders are developed from Infinera’s learnings from the web scale market and seamlessly interoperate with the chassis-based DTN-X XTC Series switching platforms, with their roots in telco networks. The meshponder platforms include Infinera’s unique Instant Bandwidth technology, sliceable super-channels, designed-in support for in-flight line-rate Layer 1 encryption (encryption software license required for activation) and the Advanced Coherent Toolkit (ACT) for better capacity-reach performance.


Infinera DTN-X Family

The Infinera DTN-X is a next-generation optical transport network (OTN) platform designed to support the demands of service providers and data center operators. The DTN-X platform offers a highly flexible, scalable, and efficient solution for delivering high-speed data, video, and cloud services.

The Infinera Intelligent Transport Network Portfolio
The Infinera Intelligent Transport Network Portfolio

Record-setting innovation

Record-setting optical technology based on Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine and Advanced Coherent Toolkit provides more capacity over longer distances, lowering network TCO.

Instant capacity activation

Infinera’s unique Instant Bandwidth allows customers to software-activate line-side bandwidth in seconds, without truck rolls, accelerating time to revenue.

Network security

Built-in hardware-based data security and state-of-the-art encryption enable extremely secure transmission for your data.

Open networking, simplified automation

Feature-rich open platforms offer ZTP support, easy integration with in-house tools, and operability over third-party line systems, including in submarine networks.

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