Infinera DTN-X Series: XTC-2

The Infinera XTC-2 is a compact and versatile packet-optical transport platform designed for metro and regional networks. It combines high-capacity packet switching with wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology, enabling efficient and scalable transport of data, voice, and video services. The XTC-2 offers carrier-class reliability, scalability, and integrated management capabilities in a compact form factor, making it suitable for diverse network applications.

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Extending the DTN-X Family to Lower-bandwidth networks

Infinera provides Intelligent Transport Networks that accelerate service delivery and simplify optical network operations at Layer T. Intelligent Transport Networks include the award winning DTN-X Family, integrating wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) with packet-optical switching. Infinera is expanding the DTN-X Family with the introduction of two new platforms in the XTC Series — the XTC-2 and XTC-2E.

Extending the DTN-X Experience to Metro Core
Extending the DTN-X Experience to Metro Core
Infinera DTN-X XTC-2 and XTC-2E Platforms
Infinera DTN-X XTC-2 and XTC-2E Platforms

Features & Benefits

High Capacity and Scalability

The XTC-2 provides high-capacity packet switching combined with WDM technology, allowing for efficient transport of large volumes of data. It supports scalable line rates, including 100G, 200G, and 400G, enabling future growth and network expansion.

Integrated Multi-Layer Switching

The platform integrates Layer 2 Ethernet switching and Layer 3 IP/MPLS routing functionalities, providing a unified solution for packet and optical transport. This integration simplifies network management and reduces operational complexity.

Compact Form Factor

The XTC-2 is designed to be space-efficient, making it suitable for deployments in constrained environments, such as street cabinets and data center interconnect (DCI) applications. Its compact design helps save valuable floor space and reduces power consumption.

Carrier-Class Reliability

With redundant power supplies, control modules, and hot-swappable line cards, the XTC-2 offers carrier-class reliability and high availability. It incorporates advanced protection mechanisms, such as hitless restoration and sub-50 ms restoration switching, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

Advanced Network Management

The platform is equipped with comprehensive management and control capabilities, including the Infinera Transcend software suite. It provides end-to-end network visibility, advanced analytics, and control for efficient provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting of network resources.

Flexible Service Interfaces

The XTC-2 supports a wide range of service interfaces, including Ethernet, SONET/SDH, and OTN, enabling seamless migration from legacy networks to packet-based architectures. It also supports service-aware traffic engineering, ensuring optimal utilization of network resources.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Infinera is committed to green technology, and the XTC-2 is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It incorporates power-saving features, such as intelligent power management and high-density packaging, to minimize power consumption and reduce operational costs.

Overall, the Infinera XTC-2 combines high capacity, integrated switching capabilities, compact design, carrier-class reliability, advanced management features, and energy efficiency to deliver a comprehensive packet-optical transport solution for metro and regional networks.

Extending the DTN-X Experience to Lower-bandwidth Metro and Regional Sites
Extending the DTN-X Experience to Lower-bandwidth Metro and Regional Sites

The Infinera DTN-X XTC-2 and XTC-2E are purpose-built for extending the DTN-X experience from the long-haul to lower-capacity metro and regional networks. The XTC-2 and XTC-2E offer a smaller form factor with lower bandwidth compared to the widely deployed XTC-4 and XTC-10 platforms. The XTC-2 and XTC-2E support a wide range of client-side interface speeds from 155 megabits per second to 100G, including traditional Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)/Sychronous Optical Networking (SONET), Ethernet/packet, storage area network (SAN), Fiber Channel and video.

The XTC-2 and XTC-2E integrate with the Infinera Xceed Software Suite, an open, purpose-built, multi-layer software-defined networking (SDN) platform with revenue-ready applications that enables a high degree of abstraction and virtualization of the underlying optical network. The Infinera XTC-2 and XTC-2E extend the acclaimed DTN-X experience to lower-bandwidth metro and regional networks with 100G.

The Infinera Intelligent Transport Network Portfolio
The Infinera Intelligent Transport Network Portfolio

Infinera DTN-X Family

The Infinera DTN-X is a next-generation optical transport network (OTN) platform designed to support the demands of service providers and data center operators. The DTN-X platform offers a highly flexible, scalable, and efficient solution for delivering high-speed data, video, and cloud services.

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