Infinera DTN-X Series: XTC-4

XTC-4 provides network service intelligence and is positioned to meet the needs of service providers seeking to offer new and innovative services in a simple, scalable, and efficient manner.

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Operational simplicity, multi-terabit network scalability and superior PIC-enabled network efficiency

Infinera XTC-4 is a half-bay chassis option providing four universal card slots to house line modules and/or OTM-500s. In addition, the XTC-4 is an ANSI 19-inch width chassis type with an available ETSI (600mm) and 23-inch mounting option.

Extending the DTN-X Experience to Lower-bandwidth Metro and Regional Sites
Extending the DTN-X Experience to Lower-bandwidth Metro and Regional Sites
Extending the DTN-X Experience to Metro Core
Extending the DTN-X Experience to Metro Core

Features & Benefits


The DTN-X Family is simple to install, operate, troubleshoot and scale. Services can be quickly and easily provisioned and transported over a common WDM layer.

Bandwidth Virtualization

Any Service, Anywhere, On-Demand: The ability to convert the network into a pool of resources available to any service, anywhere, offering simplicity of planning, bandwidth efficiency and ultra-fast service provisioning.

Automatic Control Plane

A generalized multi-protocol label switching (GMPLS) based automated control plane enables automated topology discovery, service provisioning and ?50ms protection.

Multi-layer SDN

Xceed combines an open, multilayer SDN control platform with modular, commercially deployable applications that enable new revenue sources while improving network efficiency.

DNA Software

Digital Network Administrator (DNA) network management software and enhances the robust portfolio of software solutions.


NEC’s PIC-based WDM line module consolidates more than 600 key optical functions using the 500G PIC and provides a foundation that enables space and power efficiencies.

Efficiency of space

The DTN-X Family provides dense input/output (I/O) bandwidth per rack and a dense non-blocking switch fabric on them.

The Infinera Intelligent Transport Network Portfolio
The Infinera Intelligent Transport Network Portfolio

Infinera DTN-X Family

The Infinera DTN-X is a next-generation optical transport network (OTN) platform designed to support the demands of service providers and data center operators. The DTN-X platform offers a highly flexible, scalable, and efficient solution for delivering high-speed data, video, and cloud services.

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