Infinera DTN-X Series: XTS-3600

The XTS-3600 meshponder delivers 2.4T of line-side capacity in 4RU. With redundant controller, 470 mm rack depth, a mix of OTU4, 100 GbE, 10 GbE client interfaces and OTN multiplexing, the XT- 3600 provides a multi-service platform for subsea applications (up to 14,000 km).

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DTN-X XTS Series

The DTN-X XTS Series is designed to power cloud scale networks for subsea operators. Similar to the XT Series, the XTS Series combines 2.4T super-channels with sliceable photonics and is designed to support inflight line-rate Layer 1 encryption (encryption software license required for activation) in a compact and lower-power form factor. In addition, the XTS Series features subsea-optimized modulation formats such as matrix-enhanced phase shift keying (ME-PSK) and 3QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation), as well as Infinera’s Advanced Coherent Toolkit featuring the industry’s first commercially-available Nyquist subcarriers to enhance capacity-reach performance. The XTS Series includes the following platforms: XTS-3300 & XTS-3600.

Features & Benefits

High Capacity

The XTS-3600 offers up to 2.4 terabits per second (Tbps) of switching capacity, making it one of the most powerful packet-optical networking platforms available.

Flexible and Modular

The platform is modular and can be configured to support a wide range of services and applications. It also supports multiple line rates and service interfaces, including 10G, 40G, and 100G Ethernet.

Multi-Layer Optimization

The XTS-3600 integrates advanced optical and packet switching technologies to provide multi-layer optimization, enabling efficient use of network resources and improved network performance.


The platform is highly scalable and can be easily upgraded to support higher capacity and new services as network demands grow.

Carrier-Class Reliability

The XTS-3600 is designed to meet the high availability and reliability requirements of carrier-class networks, with redundant power supplies, fans, and control modules, as well as advanced network protection mechanisms.

Integrated Management

The platform includes a comprehensive suite of management and control tools, including the Infinera Digital Network Administrator (DNA) management system, which provides end-to-end visibility and control over network operations.

Green Technology

The XTS-3600 is designed to minimize power consumption and reduce carbon footprint, with features such as low power consumption, intelligent power management, and high-density packaging.

The DTN-X XTS Series delivers multi-terabit super-channel bandwidth in a compact form factor and at the same time enables super-channels to be sliced, so each wavelength can be tuned across the C-band, modulated and then routed to the appropriate destination. The XTS Series is designed to support new subsea software tools for open networking, which enhance Infinera’s open architecture by allowing subsea operators to partition and monetize valuable fiber spectrum so that it can be safely and securely shared with multiple customer tenants, independent of both cable and submarine line terminal equipment (SLTE) suppliers.

Infinera XT-3300 and XT-3600 Meshponders
Infinera XT-3300 and XT-3600 Meshponders

Mission-critical subsea link performance data is available in real time on demand via open SDN application programming interfaces (APIs). This enables subsea operators to monitor transmission health as well as identify opportunities for capacity adjustments. The DTN-X XTS Series seamlessly interoperates with the DTN-X XTC and XT Series, providing a unified end-to-end Intelligent Transport Network portfolio, and when combined with Infinera’s Instant Bandwidth it allows for instant end-to-end network reconfiguration covering subsea, longhaul, metro and data center interconnect applications.


Infinera DTN-X Family

The Infinera DTN-X is a next-generation optical transport network (OTN) platform designed to support the demands of service providers and data center operators. The DTN-X platform offers a highly flexible, scalable, and efficient solution for delivering high-speed data, video, and cloud services.

Record-setting innovation

Record-setting optical technology based on Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine and Advanced Coherent Toolkit provides more capacity over longer distances, lowering network TCO.

Instant capacity activation

Infinera’s unique Instant Bandwidth allows customers to software-activate line-side bandwidth in seconds, without truck rolls, accelerating time to revenue.

Network security

Built-in hardware-based data security and state-of-the-art encryption enable extremely secure transmission for your data.

Open networking, simplified automation

Feature-rich open platforms offer ZTP support, easy integration with in-house tools, and operability over third-party line systems, including in submarine networks.

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